What We Do

We provide childcare for children from 6 months to 5 years old in our nurseries.
For further information please visit West Norwood or Berridge Road pages. For information regarding pricing please contact us.

Early Years Grant

We provide up to 15 free hours per week for children over the age of 3 through the government’s Nursery Education Fund. In financial term this reduces the fees by about £200 per month. The free hours are available to all children and the fund 15 hours of nursery per week over the academic year (38 weeks). We spread this allocation over the 50 weeks we are open and the funding commences the term after your child turns 3.

Voucher Schemes

We accept and are registered with most workplace voucher schemes

Notice period

ONE complete month’s notice of removal for a child, is due in writing to the manager.

Child’s birthday

When you can claim

1 January to 31 March Start of term On/After 1 Apr
1 April to 31 August Start of term On/After 1 Sept
1 September to 31 December Start of term On/After 1 Jan

Please note:

Children accessing the 15 hours entitlement must attend preschool at the appointed time. We reserve the right to terminate your child’s place after a month of continual absence as we will need to give the place to the next child on our waiting list.

Failure to give the required notice will result in one months fee being charged in lieu of notice